Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Hello! It's been awhile since I've posted. I guess I'm slacking on my blogging duties! But there really isn't much to report. I'm just waiting for my period to start so I can, hopefully, start my meds and have my insemination! Because of last months screw-up, I told myself that I would be extra cautious this time around. I started what I thought could be my period, last week and called the dr. immediately. I was a little surprised, since I was about 10 days early. I'll spare you the details, but it wasn't "normal", I guess you could say. But I wasn't taking any chances. My periods have been known to look different from time to time, so the only cause for concern was that I was really early. Well, I walked into the drs. office and was greeted by the nurse (or PA; not sure exactly what she is). From the moment I walked in, she treated me as if I was a 10 yr. old. She was so condescending and questioning of me. Asking me specifically what my period looked like and if it was flowing. Flowing??? Um, well not really. Ok, I guess I'm gonna have to go into detail. Sorry guys, but you've been forewarned! So I proceed to tell her that it's more of a brown discharge (old blood), and that I'm using a pad. Well, she goes on to tell me that unless your bleeding heavily fresh blood, and having to use a tampon, than it's probably not my period. I tried to explain to her some more exactly what was going on and she had the nerve to say to me, "have you ever seen a period"? LISTEN BITCH, I've probably had my period 10 years longer than you have! YES I know what a goddamn period looks like! I didn't say that, but boy did I want to! I literally felt like taking off my underwear, showing her my pad, and saying, "you tell me"! Instead, I held it together and politely said that I just wasn't sure and was wanting to be cautious. She proceeded to tell me that she'll let the dr. know, but that she was probably going to say the same thing. Well, the dr. was great! Very understanding and kind. She explained to me that more than likely I was just experiencing "breakthrough bleeding". I did not tell her about the nurse. But I may. I just don't want to make my visits there any more anxiety ridden than they already are. So hopefully sometime next week I'll be preparing my body for the insemination. Keep your fingers crossed!

Also, I know that I said that I would write about my past dating life. Well, first of all, my memory is awful, so I may need some help from family and friends. Second, some of it is not fun to remember. Nothing horribly dramatic, just a little painful. But I would like to share some of the stories, because they are pretty darn funny!

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