Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Class Update


I apologize for not blogging sooner. I know some of you have been anxious to hear how my classes are going, and so far they've been good, just a little overwhelming at times. There is so much to learn about the system and how everything works. At times, the information is just mind-boggling.

I am halfway done with the classes; April 5th is my last class. Here is some of what I have learned so far. 95% of all children in CPS have been exposed to drugs, whether in-utero or in their environment. Right now, and this changes frequently, most of the children that need homes are between the ages of 6-14. If you are willing to adopt a child in this age bracket, a child with special needs, or sibling sets, then your chances of adopting sooner are much higher. If you want an infant, your wait could be much longer. When I heard this I felt so deflated. Most people adopting, want a baby. But I've come to terms with that I'll be waiting awhile. I've waited 42 yrs to be a mommy. I can wait a few more.

I will explain the whole court process in my next post. It's quite extensive!

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