Friday, July 8, 2011

Back From Holiday Break!

Hi Friends!

Well, I took a few days off from blogging to enjoy the 4th of July holiday. I hope you all had a safe and fun weekend!

I think I left off with starting to tell you about my dating experiences and the "oh so fun and memorable" men that I've met over the years. I believe that I was going to start off with my first boyfriend, "the rapist". Obviously there is a story behind that, and he wasn't really a rapist. But he wasnt exactly a good guy either, especially not first-boyfriend material! When I started to write about the story of him for my blog, I started to unexpectedly have feelings of sadness and regret for this very young and naive girl, ME! And even though it's been over 20 years, I've never felt that way about the situation before until now. Maybe it's because I'm older and a little bit wiser, or maybe it's because I'm on the road to becoming a mother. Whatever it is, i think I am now able to feel the pain that my parents must have felt when I was involved with this guy. He took advantage of me, stole my innocence, and completely broke my heart. Now, I know that we all follow our own path and the path I chose led me to this guy. But I really had no clue what was in store for me!

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