Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sperm, Sperm, Sperm! YAY for Sperm!!

Blond hair, or brown hair?  Curly or straight?  Blue, brown, green, or hazel eyes?  Short, medium, or tall?  British or Bulgarian?  Irish or Italian?  Portuguese or Prussian?  College grad or slacker?  Oldest, middle, or youngest child?  Quiet and brooding, or outgoing and funny?  Athletic or artistic?  Well-endowed or not so much?  Looks like Brad Pitt or Adam Sandler?

These are just some of the many choices I have been faced with in trying to pick my sperm donor (except for the penis size, lol)!   But it's crazy right??  Believe me, it's one of the hardest decisions I've ever had to make, and I still haven't picked anyone yet.  I'm a horrible decision maker to begin with, so you can imagine how difficult this task is for me.

I've decided to use the company California Cryobanks ( for my donor sperm.  They are one of the best cryobanks out there, and their reputation is spotless.  When I became a member with CCB, I was ADDICTED to searching for the "perfect" donor.  I was amazed at the choices, and I really started to find myself getting caught up in the "designing" of my unborn child.  Blond hair, blue eyes, curly hair, medium build, medium to olive complexion, etc. etc. etc.  It seriously was ridiculous, because that is exactly what it feels like, it feels like you're putting in an order for a sandwich or something.  Designer Baby, baby!  And I'm not joking about the celebrity similarities.  They call it "Donor Look-a-Likes", and you can search for whichever male celebrity you want, and it will match you with all the available donors that look like that celebrity.

The whole thing is just WEIRD to be quite honest.  As much as I want my child to be "attractive", what is most important to me is the donors health history (which is provided as far down to the grandparents).  Sure, it's fun to imagine my child looking like Enrique Iglesias (jk), but c'mon, I just want a fricking baby!!!!

To be continued.........


  1. I told you that my dream sperm is someone who likes the theater and is athletic. That sounds like the perfect combo for a baby daddy!

    But GOD FORBID you get a short guy!! haha

  2. Lol....a short guy wouldn't be so bad! And a tap dancin' soccer player would definitely be ideal!


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