Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Latest Drs. Appointment

After weeks of waiting for my "real" period to start, I finally started last night!!!! So I had my drs. appt. today and it looks like all is good. The ultrasound showed that my ovaries were free of cysts, and somehow the dr. was able to "predict" that I will probably produce two eggs. They took my blood to see what my estrogen levels are and showed me how to administer my injections. My estrogen level will need to be under 80 before I can start the injections. They will call me tomorrow afternoon to tell me my levels, and if they're where they're supposed to be, I'll start my injections tomorrow night!

My next appt. is next Wednesday for another ultrasound to see how I'm reacting to the meds. If all looks good, I could have my insemination anywhere between 8/25 and 9/1!!! Very exciting!!!


  1. I'm glad to read that things are moving forward! I'll be thinking about you. Don't be afraid of the needle; commit fully, plunge into the skin and inject. Initially, there is something odd about intentionally poking yourself with a needle...that's a normal feeling.

  2. Thank you Lizzy!!! I'm very excited! I do have a little anxiety over giving myself the shot, however my excitement to get this all started totally outweighs any fear that I have!
    Thank you so much for the words of encouragement!!!


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